Multi-locale support for templates

Templates in Unica Plan have features to support organizations that use multiple locales. You can use the properties file to localize the template. You can also localize some aspects of templates through the Unica Plan user interface.

When you add a program or project template in Unica Plan, the system saves a properties file for the template. The file is saved under the Unica Plan home folder as follows:


Where <template_id> is the internal identifier that is assigned to the template, and the <default_locale> is specified by the Settings > Configuration > Plan > defaultLocale property.

The properties files for program and project templates stores values for the following fields.

  • Properties tab: Name, Description, Default Name. In the program or project instance that you create from the template, you can localize default labels on the Summary tab.
  • Attributes tab: Standard attributes. In the program or project instance, these standard attributes are labels on the Summary tab.
  • Tabs tab: Display Name. In the program or project instance, the Display Name customizes the titles of forms on the Summary tab or more custom tabs.
  • Attachments tab: Name. In the program or project instance, Name localizes the names of the folders, which organize attachments on the Attachments tab.
  • Custom Links tab: Display Name and Description. In the program or project instance, these fields describe custom links, which display on the Summary tab or new custom tabs.

For example, the following is an en_us version of a properties file.

attachment_folder.display_name.folder1=Reference Attachments
template.display_name.tradeshow=Tradeshow Template Custom Link Info
template.description.tradeshow=Use this template for requests/projects 
to prepare for tradeshow attendance.
tab.display_name.tradeshowsummary=Tradeshow Attributes
attachment_folder.display_name.folder2=Project Deliverable(s)

You can localize these values for as many other locales as your organization supports.

The properties file for the default locale is used in the following situations.

  • The locale is supported but there is no corresponding properties file for it.
  • The locale is not supported.
Note: Localizing a template does not localize any forms added to provide custom tabs or sections on the Summary tab. You must localize forms separately. For more information, see Localizing forms.