Localizing metrics

You can export the properties file and then modify it to localize metrics.

To generate a properties file for translation, click Export Properties File on the Metrics Templates page. You download a compressed file that contains the properties file for your locale. The file name is in the format metric-definition_<locale>.properties.

The display name keys and description keys for metrics are saved in the metrics-related tables for plans, programs, and projects. To distinguish keys from real values, use the key prefix, which is $_$.

While Unica Plan is running, the system replaces metrics keys with values from the metrics properties file.

The following is an example of a properties file.

$_$.metric.AVFee.display=Audio Visual Fee ($)
$_$.metric.AVFee.description=Audio Visual Fee
$_$.metric-group.BoothExpenses.display=Booth Expenses
$_$.metric-template.CampaignProject.display=Campaign Project
$_$.metric-template.CampaignProject.description=Metrics for 
     Campaign Project Template
Note: Alternatively, you can work with users who have different locales that are set as preferences. A user from each locale can change the Display Name and Description for the metrics. This method is efficient if your organization supports only a few locales.