Logging in to HCL Unica

Before you begin

This procedure assumes that you know the website address (or URL) to your server and you have an assigned user name and password. If you need help, contact your HCL Unica administrator.


  1. Open a supported browser and enter the URL to the HCL Unica server.
    The prompts that display vary based on the security settings that are defined for your installation.
  2. If prompted, accept the digital security certificate.
  3. On the login page, enter your user name and password, then click Sign In.

    If you are prompted to accept the digital security certificate, click Yes to accept the certificate.


The dashboard or the default start page displays. The options that are available to you depend on the permissions that are assigned to you by your HCL Unica administrator.

Note: For a list of supported browsers, see the Recommended Software Environments and Minimum System Requirements guide.