Customize Collaborate

You can customize the Collaborate interface to meet your needs. Customization settings are available in Collaborate when you click Settings or Settings > Collaborate Settings.

The following table describes what you can customize.

Table 1. Options for customizing Collaborate
Option Description
Set current page as Home Set the current page to display automatically as soon as you log in to Collaborate.
Basic Settings Set the security policy to apply to new items by default.
Timezone Choose your local timezone.
Projects Options Define the project list and view to show by default for projects.
Tasks Options Define the task list and view to show by default for tasks.
Collaborate Analytics Options Set a default report to display when you go to the Analytics > Collaborate Analytics page, and set the Analytics home page as your login page.
Instances Options Customize your default view of Lists, On-demand Campaigns, and Corporate Campaigns.
Calendar/Timeline Settings Select options to customize how you view the calendar and task milestones.

You (or another user with the appropriate permission) can set up dashboards to show the information that you view most often. Each dashboard can include one or more "portlets" that present:

  • List management.

  • Subscription management.

  • Campaign management

  • Calendar