Corporate marketers

Corporate marketers develop templates for reusable campaign logic and lists of customer contacts.

Corporate marketers manage corporate campaigns and oversee marketing activities of field marketers. They also specialize in designing and generating campaigns from which the field marketer can choose.

Primary corporate marketer tasks

In Collaborate, corporate marketers perform the following tasks:

  • Design campaign flowcharts.
  • Create corporate campaigns.
  • Manage campaign workflow.
  • Create reports that are used to assess campaign success.
  • Design templates for Corporate Campaigns, On-demand Campaigns, and Lists, for use by field marketers and other corporate marketers.

Corporate marketer tasks in Campaign

Corporate marketers also frequently use Campaign, through which they design and build flowcharts that are associated with Lists, On-demand Campaigns, and Corporate Campaigns.

Corporate marketer roles

Corporate marketers must be assigned the Corporate Marketer role in the Global security policy, or its equivalent, to perform their tasks.

To work in Campaign, corporate marketers must be assigned the following roles:

  • Global Policy Execute
  • Global Policy Design
  • Global Partition Design or Execute