Field marketers

Field marketers create and run local or regional marketing activities for a territory or line of products.

Field marketers work directly with customers, understand their needs, and can make good decisions on how best to reach their customers with on-demand or corporate marketing campaigns.

Field marketers may be line-of-business users, partners, branch office managers, retail store managers, or members of local sales forces. Field marketers create on-demand (local) campaigns that they can run at any time to target a local customer base.

Field marketers tasks

In Collaborate, field marketers work with:

  • Lists

    Field marketers typically create Lists in Collaborate and define criteria to select contacts for the Lists. These Lists can then be used by one or more On-demand Campaigns as needed.

  • On-demand Campaigns

    Field marketers can create and run On-demand Campaigns to target their set of customers.

  • Corporate Campaigns

    Field marketers subscribe to the Corporate Campaigns they want to participate in. For those Corporate Campaigns, field marketers review and choose which of their customers are targeted by the Corporate Campaign.

Field marketer roles

Field marketers must be assigned the Field Marketer role in the Global security policy, or its equivalent, to perform their tasks.