Collaborate use cases

Collaborate enables organizations to accomplish their goals by supporting multiple collaborate use cases.

Specifically, Collaborate enables you to:

  • Centralize marketing efforts while it ensures that corporate business rules, logic, and best practices are enforced, allowing execution and controlled customization throughout the organization.
  • Promote field compliance by having corporate marketers centralize campaign design with corporate business rules (such as opt-outs) and customer preferences.
  • More efficiently design, conduct, manage, and measure both global and localized cross-channel marketing initiatives.
  • Increase the number of users who are able to contribute to and run campaigns, providing more flexibility within an organization and enabling measurement and management of marketing efforts.
  • Provide "self-serve" customer interaction management within an enterprise, for less technical-oriented marketers and individuals closest to the customer, without compromising corporate rules, goals, or objectives.
  • Manage customer interactions in real-time through email and the web.
  • Allow marketing decision-making and campaign management to be handled by field marketers, while corporate marketers manage corporate marketing communication and policies.