Why field marketers participate in Corporate Campaigns

By participating in Corporate Campaigns, field marketers help distribute the marketing campaign effort, enabling the organization to take advantage of the marketing design and strategy expertise that is provided by a central team of marketing specialists, as well as the familiarity field marketers have with their personal contacts.

Corporate marketer's role in a Corporate Campaign

Using Collaborate, corporate marketers present the following to field marketers:
  • The campaign marketing initiative, in the form of marketing messages and other materials
  • The portions of a proposed target list that are assigned to each field marketer

Field marketer's role in a Corporate Campaign

Field marketers participate in specific Corporate Campaigns. Optionally, you can use the Subscription feature to manage field marketers' participation in Corporate Campaigns. Participating field marketers review their portions of the proposed target list and provide input to corporate marketers about whom to add or delete from the campaign. After each field marketer provides final feedback on their portion of the list, the corporate office fulfills the campaign.


The following examples illustrate situations in which field marketers decide which customers to include in a Corporate Campaign:
  • One field marketer may decide that a particular corporate initiative is not appropriate for some of their assigned customers and removes those customers from the proposed target list.
  • Another field marketer may not have enough resources to handle the demand that is generated by the corporate initiative. In this case, the field marketer decides to remove some customers from the proposed target list.
  • Another field marketer may want to include customers that are not originally targeted by the corporate marketing campaign, and adds them to the proposed target list.