A List is a group of contacts, and a field marketer can define criteria to include or exclude contacts from a List.

The field marketer can create a List that selects all contacts in the customer database within a specified income range, for example.

Why field marketers create and use Lists

The field marketer can associate Lists with an On-demand Campaign, to specify the contacts to be targeted by that campaign. For example, the field marketer can configure an On-demand Campaign to include contacts from one List and exclude contacts from another List.

Field marketers can reuse Lists, so that multiple On-demand Campaigns target the same or a similar group of contacts. Therefore, by creating and reusing Lists, you can streamline your contact selection for On-demand Campaigns.

Field marketers can also use Lists to analyze target customers outside of On-demand Campaigns. For example, a field marketer can generate a List, and then download it as a Microsoft Excel file for further analysis.


Field marketers who are responsible for a line of products that are purchased by customers with income greater than $50,000 can create a List that selects only targets with income greater than $50,000. A field marketer can then use this List as the basis for the target population for all subsequent On-demand Campaigns pertaining to this product line.

As another example, if most On-demand Campaigns target a population over 18, field marketers can create a List that targets the members of the corporate database whose age is over 18, and use this List to create the base target population for all On-demand Campaigns.

Simple Lists

A Simple List provides basic list functions to select specific recipients for targeting during an On-demand Campaign.

Advanced Lists

An Advanced List provides all of the functions available in a simple list. In addition, an Advanced List provides a Workflow tab to allow you to configure, schedule, and monitor tasks that are associated with the List.

An Advanced List must be based on an Advanced List template. You cannot change a List from Simple to Advanced after creation.

You can also configure an Advanced List to recur. A recurring List is an Advanced List that is configured to automatically generate the List members at specified intervals. The Recurrence tab allows you to configure recurrence properties.