On-demand Campaigns

An On-demand Campaign is a marketing campaign that field marketers create and run on an as-needed basis.

Typically, the corporate marketer provides the field marketer with a campaign template, allowing the field marketer to create new On-demand Campaigns based on that template and to modify those campaigns for their targets.

Field marketers can use On-demand Campaigns to deliver a marketing message to a set of their customers while they exercise some control over the offer, timing, and fulfillment methods used to deliver the marketing message. The amount of control field marketers have over the On-demand Campaigns they manage is determined by corporate marketing.

Field marketers' tasks for On-demand Campaigns

Using On-demand Campaigns, field marketers can:
  • Specify On-demand Campaign target selection by using characteristics, such as demographic data, contract data, and contact information.
  • Generate the On-demand Campaign target list, or schedule the list generation for a future date.
  • Run or schedule the On-demand Campaign.
  • If your organization set up reports for Collaborate, generate reports on the performance and status of the On-demand Campaign.