A subscription is the invitation to a field marketer to include their territory in a Corporate Campaign, or a wave of a multi-wave Corporate Campaign.

Through subscriptions, field marketers can control which Corporate Campaigns and waves, and potentially which territories within a campaign or wave, they participate in.

In addition, supervisors can control the Corporate Campaigns or waves their staffs participate in. When a supervisor subscribes to a Corporate Campaign, field marketers that are under the supervisor in a defined territory hierarchy are also subscribed to the campaign. For example, if the territory supervisor for New England subscribes to a corporate campaign, the state manager for Vermont also participates in the campaign.

Subscriptions and data level filters

Subscriptions can be used in combination with data level filters to control both what data is included in the generated list of customers for a Campaign, and who is invited to review the list of customers that is generated.


If MA_FM is the field marketer for Massachusetts (MA), you can use a state-level subscription to invite MA_FM to include or exclude Massachusetts customers from the Corporate Campaign contact list. If MA_FM accepts the invitation, MA customers are on the contact review list. Using data level filters, MA_FM can also be configured to see only MA customers, thus limiting their view to those customers of interest to them. When data level filters are present, only Field Marketers who have data of interest on the generated list are invited by the Notify Field Marketer system task.

Subscriptions can operate at multiple levels. So for example, NE_FM might be the Northeast Regional FM who supervises the state field marketers in their region, which might include Massachusetts. The corporate marketer can invite regional field marketers to subscribe for their region.

If NE_FM is invited to subscribe, they can accept or decline. If they accept, data for all customers in their region are included in the list generation. So continuing the example above, data for Massachusetts's customers would be included in the list. In this case, the MA_FM has no control over whether MA data is included, because the subscription invitation is issued at the region level. However, if the data level filters are configured to allow MA_FM to see MA customers, MA_FM is invited to review the MA customers when the Corporate Campaign contact list is generated.

Defining territories

To support subscriptions, the administrator must define a territory hierarchy on the Collaborate server. For more information, see the Collaborate Administrator's Guide.