System requirements and compatibility

Distributed Marketing operates as part of the IBM® Marketing Software suite of products. Distributed Marketing version 10.0 requires IBM Marketing Platform 10.0 and IBM Campaign 10.0.

Upgrade paths

You can perform an in-place installation of Distributed Marketing 10.0 over versions 8.6.0, 9.0.0, 9.1.0, 9.1.1, or 9.1.2. For Affinium Collaborate 7.x or pre-8.6 versions of Distributed Marketing, you must first upgrade to version 8.6.0 before you can upgrade to version 10.0.

For details, see the IBM Distributed Marketing Upgrade Guide.

Database setup during installation or reinstallation

The IBM Distributed Marketing installer offers two options for system table database setup: automatic or manual. If you choose automatic database setup, the installer drops and then recreates the Distributed Marketing system tables. This is true for new installations and re-installations.

If you choose the manual option for a new installation, you must set up the system tables after installation by running the appropriate scripts for your database type.

If you are performing a reinstallation and you have already set up the Distributed Marketing system tables, you can avoid dropping and recreating the tables by choosing the manual option without running the database setup scripts after the reinstallation.

Where to find complete system requirement and compatibility information

For a list of IBM Marketing Software product versions compatible with this product and a list of third-party requirements for this product, see the Recommended Software Environments and Minimum System Requirements document. This document is posted under Detailed System Requirements on the IBM Support Portal website: (

You can also access this document by selecting Help > Product documentation when you are logged in to IBM Marketing Software.

Where to find report package reference documentation

Reference documentation for report packages is no longer available on the documentation server where the PDF versions of the product documentation are posted. You can access the reference documentation for report packages after you install the reporting schemas on the machine where the Marketing Platform is installed. The reference documentation is in a subdirectory of the Cognos10 directory under the report package installation.