Known limitations

This section lists known limitations in Distributed Marketing 10.0.

Issue Issue ID Description
User interface scrolling issue while using IE9 and a 125% zoom level Defect 109974 If a user has a 125% zoom level and uses Internet Explorer 9, horizontal lines appear in the drop-down list when scrolling up. Any zoom levels above 100% are not supported.
The Regenerate code option for a campaign code cannot be used if that campaign is linked to a Corporate Campaign in Distributed Marketing. Enhancement 130246 If the campaign code is regenerated, the linked Corporate Campaign becomes inaccessible with a 500 error.
List Count is not displayed when List tables are created without indexes on the DB2 10.5 BLU database. Defect 177025 When the tables are created in the BLU-enabled DB2 10.5 database, indexes are not created. Users are not able to see the list count for Lists, On-demand Campaigns, or Corporate Campaigns.
Template IDs must be alphanumeric. DEF058998 When creating a list, advanced list, On-demand Campaign, or Corporate Campaign, the template ID must be in alphanumeric characters only, even if automatic template ID generation is disabled.
Codes that are entered in Unicode characters produce error. DEF059161 When entering the code for a list, advanced list, On-demand Campaign, or Corporate Campaign, Unicode characters produce an error. The code must be entered in alphanumeric ASCII characters only.
User variable value cannot accept double-byte characters for SQL server database. DEF059517 When using Distributed Marketing with an SQL Server database, a user variable cannot be assigned a value that includes double-byte characters. These characters are replaced by a "?" character.