Fixed defects

This section lists defects that are fixed in Distributed Marketing version 10.0, which are sorted by defect number then by incident number (if applicable).

Issue ID Description
Defect 176477 While importing a template in the system, if the template contains a form that has unpublished changes, Distributed Marketing does not display the warning message to the user.
Defect 223165 Unable to select any value from the list of variables of a single select drop-down attributes.
Defect 223157 Unable to delete a custom attribute from the form definition.
Defect 181988 A recurrence task configuration causes an infinite loop and resource consumption.
Defect 223548 The Recurrence tab does not preserve the infinite.
Defect 213858 The Save and Exit button turns gray and nothing happens, but the form shows that it was updated.
Defect 121852 An incorrect day/date combination displays when using a non-US English language.
Defect 121788 The Close button closes the task workflow and all windows.
Defect 214059 Unable to change flowchart form on an existing template under certain circumstances.
Defect 67573 Multiple places in Distributed Marketing where more than 100 elements in a list cause an error.
Defect 215001 An internal system error on a list import due to outgrowing limit of query size imposed by database.
Defect 216122 Large images are distorted in a template image preview pop-up window.
Defect 223167 The progress bar is not present when running an On-demand Campaign.
Defect 223248 When accessing a form, the The user variables ListID and UserName need to be defined.... error message is displayed.
Defect 205974 The unica_svradm utility does not show a user from the flowchartServiceCampaignServicesAuthorizationLoginName property as a flowchart owner.
Defect 211344 When a list review task has a segment that is associated with it, the Import Records link on the Campaign Summary screen produces a JavaScript error.