Known issues

This section lists known issues in Distributed Marketing 10.0.

Issue Issue ID Description
The attachmentId that is returned in the response for the POST /attachments APIs is always 1. 242347 When a user adds an attachment by using the POST /attachments APIs, the attachmentId that is returned in the response is always 1.
Workaround: Use the GET /attachments APIs to get the correct attachmentId.
On WebLogic 12.1.1, a CSRF exception error message displays while creating a template. Defect 215377 You must install WebLogic PSU to avoid the CSRF exception error message while creating a template.
The status of a finished user task is displayed as Pending on the task pop-up window. Defect 189436 If a user does not have permission to finish the task, the application does not show a Finished status in the drop-down menu on the finished user task pop-up window. It is displayed as Pending.
For ONDC and CC lists, CSRF error message displayed when opening the List Manager in a clustered environment. Defect 171358 For On-demand Campaigns and Corporate Campaigns, the List Manager window displays a CSRF exception error message when another user or the same user from the same system is trying to access the same list from another browser session when connected to another cluster node.
If a milestone is disabled from the Administration page, it cannot be used in new instances. Defect 25880 The milestone is shown in instances where it is already used. The milestone will also show for other tasks in that instance.
Rippling a date does not work correctly when task start date is not a business day. Defect 161352 If the start date of a task is on holiday and the duration entered is 1 day, the end date is calculated before the start date. If the duration is changed to 2 days from 00 days, the calculated date is correct.
E10 Standard: Workflow column alignment is disturbed and the pop-up formatting for selecting a schedule or milestone is not correct. Defect 176862 The Workflow column alignment is disturbed while selecting values in the following columns: Schedule Through, Target End Date, Duration, and Milestone. When you try to select the values for these fields by using the drop down, then the column alignment for all subsequent columns disturbed.
List Manager users must wait until parent page refreshes before clicking the accepted 200000 records. Defect 172421 As there are around 200000 records in List Manager, users must wait until parent page refreshes before clicking the accepted records. Users must wait to unlock invalidated due to the unlocking request sent. When the List Manager window is closed, a request is sent to the server to unlock the locked records. Because there are 200000 records, the unlocking takes some time. When the response of the unlocking request is received by the parent window, the token with the parent window has been invalidated due to the unlocking request sent; therefore, the parent window must refresh before sending any request from the parent window.
IE 10 Standard: Slack Time icon is not displayed in the workflow. Defect 177320 The Slack Time icon is not displayed in a workflow when two dependent tasks have slack time (unassigned time) between them.
The Contact List Acceptance Progress report is not displayed in PDF format. Defect 175772 The report is displayed correctly in the HTML format. An error message is displayed while changing the report display to PDF format.
Cannot subscribe to alerts if Post Message permission is not given. DEF17040 If the Post Messages permission is not given, then the Subscribe to alerts action is blocked for the user of that instance. The workaround is to grant Post Messages permission to the user.
Custom tab visible in wizard mode even if permission is blocked. DEF11591 The Custom tab is visible in the wizard mode even if permissions are blocked. After the instance is created, the permissions are honored.
Error in child SSDOR if the parent SSDOR has special characters. DEF060385 Thee following error is in the search window of a child: There has been an error or the configuration issue in 'lkup_child1' table. Go to the form to fix this. This works fine if & is removed from the string.
An SSDAR value is not getting saved in a specific condition. DEF060362 The values of SSDAR are not set if the corresponding SSDOR has a default value that is assigned to it in one scenario. While creating a campaign, if the user bypasses the custom tab by clicking the finish button, the values for SSDAR attributes are not set if the corresponding parent SSDOR has a default value assigned to it.
SSDOR key column should typically not have special characters. DEF060319 The value of the SSDAR attribute does not get populated if the SSDOR key column has special characters in it. The SSDOR key column cannot have special characters in it.
A field marketer is able to access all instances and also the administrator section. Defect 91631 For an https setup, if an administrator user logs out of the application and a field marketer user logs in on same login window, the field marketer is able to access all the instances, even if they did not created them. They are also able to access the settings page and all its options.
There is a 5000 exception on importing sample templates. Defect 84230 If WebLogic is installed by using a generic executable jar, then the Distributed Marketing instance that is deployed on WebLogic has issues for the sample template import, as well as other file uploads. The generic executable jar for WebLogic has problems with the Apache's Servlet File Upload implementation. You must ensure that you use the Windows™ installer executable while installing WebLogic.
For a customer record, the value of a custom column does not get added to LM tables unless the Filter tag is marked "True." Defect 64847

When the user adds a record to the list table, the values of custom columns do not get added in the list tables (uacc* tables) if that column is not marked as Filter=True in listmanager_table.xml.

Add the Filter=True attribute for a column of customer/master table/view in listmanager_table.xml.
Note: There is no need to apply data level filters on that column for working the previously mentioned scenario.
Instructions for using Web Access Control with Distributed Marketing

In order to use Distributed Marketing with Web Access Control, perform the following steps.

Users must configure a new Access Control List (ACL) policy in Tivoli®.
  1. Use Web Portal Manager to log in to the domain as a domain administrator.
  2. Click ACL > Create ACL, then complete the name and description fields.
  3. Click ACL > List ACL, and from the Manage ACLs page, click the link for your ACL policy.
  4. From the ACL Properties page, click Create, and create two entries for your ACL.
    • For the first entry, set the entry type to unauthenticated, and grant Trx-Traverse, read, and run permissions.
    • For the second entry, set the entry type to Any-other and grant Trx-Traverse, read, and run permissions.
  5. On the ACL Properties page of the ACL, on the Attach tab, attach a protected object. Use the complete Distributed Marketing servlet path in Tivoli, starting with WebSEAL and ending in /servlet/DataFiltering.
If users plan to use Distributed Marketing, they must configure SiteMinder as follows.
  1. Log in to the Administer Policy Server area of SiteMinder, and click Domains.
  2. Select the realm that applies to your IBM® installations, right-click unprotecturl, and select Properties of Realm.
  3. Under Default Resource Protection, select Unprotected.
  4. Repeat the previous two steps, entering the following strings in the Resource Filter text box.
    • /collaborate/services/CollaborateIntegrationServices1.0
    • /collaborate/flowchartRunNotifyServlet
    • /collaborate/js/js_messages.jsp
    • /collaborate/js/format_symbols.jsp
    • /collaborate/alertsService

For more information about SiteMinder, see the Marketing Platform Administrator's Guide.

NOT EXISTS produces duplicate results in DB2® v10.1

In systems that use DB2 v10.1, the NOT EXISTS operator produces duplicate results. Results may be incorrect for queries that include a NOT EXISTS clause.

As a workaround, users can set the DB2_ANTIJOIN registry parameter to NO and restart the DB2 server. For example, <DB2-HOME>\BIN>db2set DB2_ANTIJOIN=NO.

U.S. money symbol not translated for other currencies Task 9330/DEF 9138
If the user wants to change any of the formats, such as, date/time, decimal, or currency, then the user must change the file in the collaborate.war directory at /WEB-INF/classes/resources, according to their locale, and then rewar the directory again and deploy it in the application server. To complete this change, follow the steps below.
  1. Ask all users to log out of Distributed Marketing.
  2. Undeploy the DM application from the application server.
  3. Stop DM server and clean the application server cache (important).
  4. Take a backup of the DM database, and file system directory (important).
  5. Locate collaborate.war and take backup of it.
  6. Unwar collaborate.war to a temporary location.
  7. Locate available under<unwar_dir>\WEB-INF\classes\resources
  8. Open the above and change the data/time/decimal, or currency according to your locale.
  9. Rewar the <unwar_dir> as collaborate.war, make sure that it is placed in the original location
  10. Start the application server.
  11. Redeploy the collaborate.war on the application server
  12. Retest the scenarios on the server.
pt_BR: Date Time format that is shown is wrong


The date time format should be localized according to the "pt_BR" locale; however, the date time format is displayed in wrong format.

Long time to save Customer Form


If there is a form that has many dependent SSDBs and SSDOR fields with a lot of data in the lookup table, then it takes long time to save or open a form in FE.

Long time to open Customer Form


It takes more than one minute to load a form when loading needs to be in a reasonable time.

For On-demand Campaigns, attached files are copied


If users run an On-demand Campaign and copy it, all attachments, including those generated by running the campaign, are copied.

On-demand Campaign attaches wrong file when generated list contains no records


When the fulfillment task is run for a Corporate Campaign or On-demand Campaign and no records are found, an attachment is added that is identical to the previous run of the fulfillment task. This occurs whether the previous run is from a previous wave of a recurring On-demand Campaign or Corporate Campaign, or is from a previous run in the same wave.

If the fulfillment flowchart query ran successfully once, then on a subsequent run returns 0 records, there is an invalid attachment for that run.

File and database encoding must be set properly for Campaign in order for Distributed Marketing to use the files properly


When users add a Mail List process or Call List process to a flowchart in Campaign, they can specify the output file name for the process. To enable Distributed Marketing to use the files properly, the file name format, and the file and database encoding must be set to suit your operating environment.

In Marketing Platform, the systemStringEncoding property specifies the encoding that is used to interpret values (such as file system paths and file names) coming into Campaign from the operating system as well as the encoding in which Campaign presents values back to the operating system. To verify file encoding, in Marketing Platform, open the Configuration Manager and navigate to Campaign/unicaACListener/systemStringEncoding. Provide an encoding value compatible with your operating environment.

To ensure proper database encoding, navigate to Campaign/partitions/partition/dataSources/[data_source_name] >StringEncoding. Confirm that the value matches the encoding that is used on the database client. Users must also set the encoding for the Java™ virtual machine. For example, in WebSphere® or WebLogic where Distributed Marketing is deployed (as opposed to where Campaign is deployed), set JVM encoding to -Dfile.encoding=CP1252.

Error when publishing a Distributed Marketing flowchart containing multiple Select processes


In Campaign, if a user has multiple select boxes as inputs to a single sample or segment, the run history page in Distributed Marketing may display duplicate rows. To work around this issue, use one sample box per select box.

List not generated after removing linked campaign and creating a campaign


When a user performs the following tasks, the Corporate Campaign does not generate a list:

  • Create a Corporate Campaign.
  • Modify the workflow so that the first wave runs when the campaign is started.
  • Create a linked campaign.
  • Create the flowcharts for the linked campaign and publish them.
  • In Distributed Marketing, remove the linked campaign.
  • Create a new linked campaign.
  • Create and publish the flowcharts for the new linked campaign.
  • Start the campaign.

The campaign does not complete and the list is not generated. In this state, they can recover by copying the Corporate Campaign and creating new flowcharts for it.

Empty tab in Summary page when no List Review task


If a Corporate Campaign does not have a List Review task, the Summary page contains an empty tab.

Permission errors in log files


The Marketing Platform log file may contain authentication warnings and the following error:

ERROR - permission with id: -1 is not found

To prevent this error:

  • If you are using custom reports, enable the Analysis menu.
  • If you are not using custom reports, delete the Analysis menu.

Error retrieving alerts after uninstalling Distributed Marketing


If you uninstall Distributed Marketing, the Marketing Platform continues to attempt to retrieve Distributed Marketing alerts, causing in error in the web application server.

To prevent this error:

  1. Log in as a user with Marketing Platform administration privileges.
  2. From the Settings menu, select Configuration.
  3. Browse to Platform/Platform-wide navigation/Alerts/Distributed Marketing Alerts and click Delete Category.
  4. Confirm the deletion.