Definitions for the Max # Packages rule

Detailed description of the values to enter when configuring the Max # Packages rule, including examples.

Table 1. Max # Packages rule field definitions

A two-column table that describes the fields in the Max # Packages rule.

Field Value

For each customer in segment

  • Any customer applies the rule to all customers.
  • Segment Name limits the rule to customers in the segment you select.

over the time period

  • A time period you specify applies the rule to all time periods with the specified duration. The duration is a number of days. In other words, the rule must be true for any time period specified. For example, you create a rule that says a maximum of 3 offers can be sent to any customer in a 30-day period. Contact Optimization does not allow any optimized offers (also considering offers given in contact history) to exceed 3 in any 30-day window. This "sliding window" interpretation of the time period allows you to truly control your offer presentation strategy.
  • 0 represents "this optimization period." This option sets the minimum and maximum number of offers made over the entire time range for proposed contacts across all participating campaigns in this Contact Optimization session. That is, between the earliest and latest proposed dates in the PCT. When a value of zero is used, no sliding windows are used. The entire optimization period is considered as a single time window. In addition, contact history is not considered.

the number of packages from the channel

  • Any channel applies to offers regardless of delivery channel.
  • Channel name narrows the rule to those offers on the channel you specify only.
should not exceed Limits the maximum number of packages that can be sent to each customer to the value you enter.

Examples of the Max # Packages rule

"For each customer in segment Recent Accounts, over the time period 30 days, the number of packages from the channel Any Channel should be between minimum 0 and maximum 2." This rule limits the contacts in the optimized contact list so that the number of packages for each customer who recently opened accounts is no more than two in any 30-day period.

"For each customer in segment Any Customer, over the time period 30 days the number of packages from the channel Email should be between minimum 0 maximum 5." This rule ensures that the number of email packages any customer receives is limited to five for any 30-day period.