Offer versions in optimization rules

Certain optimization rules allow you to specify offer versions as part of your rule definition. This feature allows you to write a query that determines the exact set of offer versions to which a particular rule applies.

For example, you have a "Gold credit card" offer with a parameterized attribute called "go_to_interest". Rather than applying a rule to any version of the "Gold credit card" offer, you want to apply it only to the versions of that offer where the "go_to_interest" rate is below the current prime rate. You can create a query that is based on any offer attributes and specify the exact versions of an offer that are included in the scope of the rule. For example, go_to_interest < 5.

An offer version is a unique instance of an offer that is created by using parameterized offer attributes. A parameterized offer attribute is an offer attribute for which a user can provide a unique value when the offer is used in a marketing campaign. Each unique permutation of offer attributes creates an offer version. For example, the "Gold credit card" offer has two parameterized offer attributes that are called "promo interest" rate and "go to interest" rate. The first offer attribute can have a value of 0% or 2.9% and the latter can be 18.9% or 21.9%. There can be a total of four offer versions created:

Table 1. Example offer versions

Table showing possible offer versions for Gold credit card example.

Promo interest Go to interest
0% 18.9%
0% 21.9%
2.9% 18.9%
2.9% 21.9%

You can then write a rule that limits the number of 0% interest promo rate offers your company gives out in any given 30-day period. The values for a non-parameterized offer attribute are predefined as part of the offer.

For example, the Campaign administrator creates a parameterized offer attribute that is named Card Type in an offer template. When a user assigns the offer to a cell in Campaign (for example, in the Optimize process), that user provides a value for the offer attribute. For example, Gold or Silver, or any other value that makes sense.

In certain rules in Contact Optimization, you can then search for these offer versions. For example, you can create a Customers In rule whose scope includes all items of type Gold (Card Type=Gold). You include an offer version in your rule by using the offer versions query builder. The offer versions query builder allows you to choose the values for offer attributes to which the rule applies.

  • For more information about parameterized offer attributes, see the HCL® Campaign Administrator's Guide.
  • For more information about offer versions, see the HCL Campaign User's Guide.