Offer versions query builder

The offer versions query builder is a set of fields that allows you to select specific offers versions. The offer versions query builder is available in the Rule Definition section of some rule pages.

The criteria that you specify in the query builder, with other constraints such as time period, customer segments, and interaction channels, define the scope of the rule. The offer attributes used in the query builder specifies the exact offer versions to which a rule applies.

The offer attributes listed in the query builder can be standard or custom offer attributes. Standard offer attributes are predefined attributes that are relevant for many implementations of Contact Optimization. For example, Expiration Date, Cost per Offer, and Contact Channel. Custom offer attributes are offer attributes that you define in Campaign that are more specific to your industry. For example, Interest Rate, Annual Fee, Department, and Product SKU.

The offer attributes used to construct a query in the query builder might be parameterized attributes. As such, the query builder might return offers or offer versions. Offers are a marketing communication that is based on an offer template with no parameterized offer attributes. Offer versions are a marketing communication with one or more parameterized offer attributes that are customized by the user at the time the offer is assigned to a cell. However, the query builder is the only means by which you can access offer versions to include in the scope of your rule. If all versions of an offer are essentially the same, there is no need to differentiate between versions of an offer for optimization. However, if parameterized offer versions are used for personalization where the "meaning" of an offer is substantively different based on the value of the parameterized offer attributes, then your optimization rules might need to query by offer attributes to scope your rule appropriately. An example of a parameterized offer attribute that changes the essence of the marketing communication would be "Product SKU" where the item can be a TV for one individual and a refrigerator for another.

When you run a Contact Optimization session, the constraints you set by sing the query builder (along with other criteria you specified in all rules) help to determine which customers populate the optimized contacts table (OCT).

For more information about defining offer custom attributes, creating offers or offer templates, or on parameterizing offer attributes in Campaign, see the HCL® Campaign Administrator's Guide.