Retired offers and offer lists

Offer or offer lists that are retired in Campaign can no longer be used in Contact Optimization.

Retired offers or offer lists are displayed disabled in the user interface and are noted with "(retired)" next to the offer name. Specifically, they are displayed disabled in the Select Offers window when you choose an offer or offer list for use in an optimization rule.

Offers that are used in optimization rules can be then retired. Contact Optimization sessions are considered valid, even if they have rules that depend on retired offers. However, you cannot create new optimization rules by using retired offers.

Contact Optimization prefaces rules that contain retired offers or offer lists with the word "Warning" on the Rules tab. You can edit these rules to eliminate the reference to retired offers or offer lists or delete these rules if they are no longer necessary.

For more information about retired offers and offer lists, see the HCL® Campaign User's Guide.