Never A with B rule

Use the Never A with B rule to prevent a customer from receiving a pair of offers together within a certain time period.

You can refine this rule by customer segment, channel, and offer set.

Use this rule to prevent incompatible offers from being given to the same contact. By specifying offer sets, you can specify that none of the offers from the first set are given to the same recipient with any of the offers from the second set.

This rule helps ensure consistency of your messages to a customer, preventing conflicting offers from being sent to the same individual. If the customer consistently gets a specific type of offer, this rule ensures that the customer continues to get that type of offer. For example, you do not want to send conflicting new phone renewal versus upgrade phone plan offers to the same individual within a 60-day period. Write a rule that says "For each customer in All Segments, they cannot receive interaction A from All Channels concerning New Phone Renewals and interaction B from All Channels concerning Upgrade Phone Plans together within 60 days."