Segments in optimization rules

You can perform an action on the segment you specify in the rule definition.

Some optimization rules allow you to specify a strategic segment in your rule definition. Strategic segments are created in Campaign and are available for use within Contact Optimization. A segment, or strategic segment, is a set of audience IDs (all at the same audience level) grouped in some meaningful way. For example, you can create a segment that is called Women that groups all female contacts. You can have another segment that is called High Value, which groups all contacts who spend over $1000 in the three months.

For example, create a rule that specifies that all High Value contacts receive at least three email offers every month.

Note: An optimization rule might apply to all customers or to a single strategic segment. To apply an optimization rule to multiple strategic segments, do one of the following actions:
  • Create a new strategic segment that contains all the wanted contacts in Campaign
  • Create multiple copies of the rule, one for each strategic segment to which it applies.

For more information about strategic segments, see the HCL® Campaign User's Guide.

If you are using HCL Interact, smart segments cannot be used with Contact Optimization.