SMS opt-in and opt-out synchronization between Unica Campaign and Acoustic Campaign

To ensure that consent records for SMS are as up-to-date as possible, you can update opt-in and opt-out requests for SMS that you receive through various channels. To synchronize SMS subscription data between Unica Campaign and Acoustic Campaign, upload and download opt-in and opt-out updates regularly.

Managing opt-in and opt-out records for SMS requires specific steps. The OPT_IN and OPT_OUT options for the contactUpload and contactDownload scripts do not apply to SMS messaging. Instead, you must use the custom SMS mapping file that is provided as part of the Unica Campaign integration with Acoustic Campaign download package.

The first time that you add contact information for a recipient, the record is marked as an Opt-in record. If the individual did not consent to be contacted by SMS, you must subsequently mark the record as an Opt-out. You cannot add a record as an Opt-out record. You can identify a record as an Opt-out only after you enter it as an Opt-in.

To keep SMS subscriptions up to date, you can schedule Unica Campaign flowcharts that trigger the contactUpload and contactDownload scripts to run automatically. Use the instructions in the example_SMSmappingFile in the conf directory to update SMS consent status. In Acoustic Campaign, schedule queries that update opt-in and opt-out status so that the most current information is available for download to Unica Campaign.