Email: using Unica Campaign and Acoustic Campaign

If Unica Campaign and Acoustic Campaign are integrated, you can use Unica Campaign to send personalized email communications from Acoustic Campaign.

Consider the following points about using the Email process:
  • Sending email requires a coordinated effort between a Unica Campaign user and an Acoustic Campaign user. Templates must be set up, test runs must be done, and a final production run must be coordinated.
  • After the mailing is sent, responses are tracked in Acoustic Campaign and routed back to Unica Campaign via UBX and the UBX Toolkit.
  • To route response data from Acoustic Campaign back to Unica Campaign, a UBX Toolkit user (typically the Unica Campaign user) runs scripts. Some organizations automate the scripts so data routing occurs automatically.
  • You can then use Unica Campaign to retarget responders and non-responders.
  • A contact fails for the Email process if the email address for the contact is NULL or is BAD.
Note: Email messages must be sent either by configuring message delivery in the Email process box or by using the Send Experience in IBM Marketing Cloud. Triggering Email messages with an IBM Marketing Cloud program is not supported with the Unica Campaign integration.
Note: If you are using Email, SMS, and Push channels in the integration, use a separate database for each channel.

Filtering data to avoid violations

If the email addresses contain certain characters or are from certain domains, emails might not be sent to these addresses from Acoustic Campaign.

Some prefixes and domains are blocked by default from Imports and Sends. A user, who is the Org Admin, can modify the list of blocked prefixes and domain applicable for a particular organization from Settings > Email Blocking in Acoustic Campaign.