Email: Doing a production run

This task pertains to using Unica Campaign to send email communications from Acoustic Campaign.

Before you begin

Be sure to do a test run before doing a production run! See Email: Doing a test run.

If the flowchart includes multiple channels, do not do a production run of the entire flowchart until you complete test runs for all of the channels (SMS, Push, Email).

About this task

A production run uploads a contact list from Unica Campaign to Acoustic Campaign. If you configured the Email process to Send email to all contacts immediately, the emails are sent to all contacts in the list. If you did not select that option, emails are not sent, so you must schedule the mailing in Acoustic Campaign.

A production run sends email to the audience segments that you selected in the Unica Campaign flowchart.


  1. In Unica Campaign, open the flowchart (in Edit mode) that contains the configured Email process.
  2. Make a final determination as to whether you want to deliver email immediately to all selected contacts: Double-click the Email process to open the configuration dialog. Select the Content customization tab and make your choice:
    • If you want to deliver the emails as soon as the flowchart runs in production mode, check Send email to all contacts immediately.
    • If you prefer to schedule the mailing in Acoustic Campaign, clear Send email to all contacts immediately. The contact list will be sent to Acoustic Campaign but emails will not be sent.
  3. Save the flowchart.
  4. Open the Run menu and select one of the Save and run options to do a production run of the selected process, branch, or flowchart. Or use the Unica Marketing Platform Scheduler to schedule the flowchart.


Unica Campaign sends the contact list to Acoustic Campaign. If Send email to all contacts immediately was selected, the emails are sent immediately to all recipients in the contact list.

When the contact list is uploaded to Acoustic Campaign, the values in the Unica Campaign fields are used to update the corresponding fields in the Acoustic Campaign database, based on the Field mappings defined in the Email process box. For example, if you mapped the FirstName field (in Unica Campaign) to the CustomerFirstName field in Acoustic Campaign, Acoustic Campaign will use the newly updated CustomerFirstName field when populating the email template.

What to do next

If you checked Send email to all contacts immediately in the Email process box, go to Acoustic Campaign and use the Sent tab to confirm that the mailing was sent correctly.

If you did not check Send email to all contacts immediately, the contact list was updated in Acoustic Campaign but the mailing was not sent. You must use Acoustic Campaign to schedule or send the mailing.