SMS: Creating and sending SMS text messages

Follow these steps to use Unica Campaign to send SMS text messages from Acoustic Campaign.

Before you begin


  1. Use Acoustic Campaign to prepare the SMS text message.

    Follow these guidelines:

    • Give the SMS template a name that is meaningful to the Unica Campaign that it belongs to, so you can easily identify it in both applications.
    • For Contact Source, select Database, Contact List, or Query.
    • For Template Location, select Shared. Only shared templates will be available in Unica Campaign.
    • After saving the template, be sure to preview it for testing.
  2. Use Unica Campaign to create a campaign and add a flowchart to it.

    For documentation, see the Unica Campaign User's Guide

  3. Configure the SMS process in the Unica Campaign flowchart.
  4. Do a test run in Unica Campaign.
  5. Do a production run in Unica Campaign.
  6. Perform response tracking.