Editing campaigns

Users with appropriate permissions can use the Campaign summary page to edit a campaign's details and access its flowcharts, reports, and target cell spreadsheet. Additionally, if you have the appropriate permissions, you can perform actions such as adding flowcharts, segments, or offers to a campaign.


  1. Choose Campaign > Campaigns.
  2. On the All campaigns page, locate the campaign that you plan to edit. It might be listed on the page or it might be in a folder.
  3. When you see the campaign that you want to edit, do one of the following:
    • Click the campaign name to open the campaign in View mode. You see tabs for Summary, Target cells, Analysis, and any flowcharts that were added to the campaign. Click Edit in the toolbar to make the information editable.
    • Click the Edit a tab icon next to a campaign and select an option from the menu (Edit summary, Edit target cells, Analysis, or a flowchart) to open the tab in edit mode.
  4. The actions that you can perform depend on the tab that you selected (Summary, Target cells, Analysis, or a flowchart). Use the toolbar options to perform the desired actions.
  5. Here are some of the operations that you can perform on each tab when you edit a campaign:
    • Summary tab: Click Add/remove segments to associate strategic segments with the campaign. Add/remove offers to associate offers with the campaign. Click Run to run a flowchart. Click Add flowchart to create a flowchart for this campaign. You can also Delete the campaign, Move the campaign to another folder, or Print the campaign summary.
    • Target cells tab: Use this tab to work with the target cell spreadsheet. You can Get cell status, Export target cells, or Import target cells. See Target cell management.
    • Analysis tab: Use this tab to access reports for this campaign. See Unica Campaign reports overview.
    • Flowchart tabs: To access a flowchart that is part of this campaign, click a flowchart tab.
    For detailed information, choose Help > Help for this page.