Organizing campaigns in folders

Folders provide a way to keep your campaigns organized. You can create folders and move campaigns from one folder to another.

About this task

Follow the steps below to organize campaigns in folders. Note that folder names have character restrictions. See Special characters in Unica Campaign object names.


  1. Choose Unica Campaign > Campaigns.
  2. Use the All campaigns page to do any of the following operations.
    Add a folder

    Click New folder . If you want to create a subfolder, select a folder, then click New folder.

    Edit a folder name or description

    Select a folder, then click Rename folder . You cannot rename the My campaigns folder.

    Move a folder

    Check the box next to one or more folders, then click Move and select a destination folder.

    Move a campaign

    Select one or more campaigns by clicking on them, so a check mark appears to the left of each item. You can use Shift+click or Ctrl+click to select multiple campaigns. Then click Move and select a destination folder.

    Delete an empty folder

    Check the box next to any folders that you want to delete, click Delete , then confirm the deletion.