Accessing campaigns

Access campaigns in Unica Campaign to view or edit them, depending on what your permissions allow.


  1. Choose Campaign > Campaigns to open the All campaigns page.
  2. Perform one of the following actions:
    • For a stand-alone Unica Campaign environment: The All campaigns page lists all campaigns and campaign folders for which you have at least read access. Click the name of any campaign to open it.
    • For an integrated Unica Plan-Unica Campaign environment: Click the link for the Campaign projects folder to access campaign projects that were created in Unica Plan. Campaigns that were created through Unica Plan are always accessed through campaign projects, unless they are legacy campaigns.

      The available projects depend on the default project view that is set in Unica Plan. You can configure this view to display all campaign projects if wanted.

      Note: The Campaign projects folder cannot be deleted, moved, or copied.
    • For an integrated Unica Plan-Unica Campaign environment with access to legacy campaigns enabled: The All campaigns page displays legacy campaigns, which were created before the environment was integrated. Click the name of any legacy campaign to open it. You can also use the Campaign projects folder link to access campaigns created through Unica Plan.
    Note: History Summary, Target Cell, Analysis and Flowcharts tabs are listed in the All Campaigns.

What to do next

  • For information about campaign projects, see the Unica Plan and Unica Campaign Integration Guide.
  • For information about project views, see the Unica Plan User's Guide.
  • For information about configuring Unica Campaign to enable access to legacy campaigns, see the upgrade documentation.