Using the set_config command

The IMSMO protocol set_config command changes configuration properties related to logging and mail syncing for logged-in users.

Parameters for set_config are configuration setting names followed by new values. Multiple settings can be specified. The following settings are supported:
Table 1. IMSMO protocol set_config settings
Setting Setting values
  • 0 or 1: Includes severe lines only. Least verbose logging.
  • 2: Includes warning lines.
  • 3: Includes information lines.
  • 4: Includes all lines. Most verbose logging.
  • 0: Do not log confidential fields.
  • 1: Log confidential fields.
Note: When 1 is specified, when starting Outlook, the user is notified that information that is considered confidential may be logged.
SummaryFilterWindow <integer>: The number of days after messages are received to automatically sync the full message content. Messages older than the specified number of days show summary information, unless opened.

For example, if set to 7, messages received within seven days are synced in full; messages older than seven days show summary information.

The following example shows a command that is useful for generating additional logging that is needed for Support. The example sets the TraceLevel to its highest sensitivity and starts logging data that may be considered confidential.