Configuring and managing clients with the IMSMO protocol

Installing the IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO) add-in registers the IMSMO protocol. This application protocol provides a way to configure and manage IMSMO clients outside of the standard Outlook user interface.

To call the protocol, use URLs prefaced with the imsmo: protocol prefix. Add the command to be run after the prefix followed by URL-encoded key and value pairs. The following example calls the add_account command to create an Outlook profile that enables the user Samantha to connect to the mail server:


Users can run a command by clicking a URL from a web browser. They can also run a command from Windows explorer if explorer calls the URL, for example:

explorer "imsmo:add_account?"

Parameter format

Parameters are passed as the query string of the URL and parameter values must be URL-encoded. Parameters are case-sensitive.
Note: Spaces must be encoded as %20 and not +.


Calling the IMSMO protocol creates a log in the %temp%\IBM_Mail_Sync folder that starts with rundll32. Logging follows the same fidelity as general IMSMO logging.