Features and limitations

The following tables call out notable features and feature limitations in the current release of IBM® mail support for Microsoft Outlook. IBM® mail support for Microsoft Outlook add-in includes functionality beyond what Microsoft Outlook offers natively.

Note: For additional limitations, see the topic Known limitations and restrictions in the user documentation.
Table 1. General features
Capabilities Limitations in current release
  • Mail, Calendar and Contacts support
  • Support for native Microsoft Outlook features including search, filtering, mail merge, and local data archiving and access.
  • View your mail quota.
  • Out of Office management
  • Notes® application management using IBM® Client Application Access.
  • Report a problem button that collects and sends diagnostic information.
  • Force resyncing of data from server to help in troubleshooting.
  • To Do items (Domino® Tasks) are not supported.
  • Journal, Note, and custom forms are not supported.
  • Access to modify Notes® and Domino® preferences is not supported.
  • Delegation is supported if the delegate uses another client, such as IBM® iNotes® or IBM® Notes®, to access or manage the owner's mail file.
  • Using native Microsoft Outlook X.509 encryption capabilities is not supported.
Table 2. Mail features
Capabilities Limitations in current release
  • Create, edit, send, receive, and move folders, messages, and conversations
  • As part of first time setup, when mail is synced, type-ahead recent contacts are also pre-populated, based on mail file content
  • Encrypt and digitally sign messages when connected to a server
  • Search, filter and categorize mail
  • Auto-truncation of older messages (configured by administrator). The full messages are downloaded when opened while client is online.
  • Reading encrypted mail while offline is not supported.
Table 3. Calendar features
Capabilities Limitations in current release
  • Create, update, cancel, accept, counter, and decline meetings, events, and invitations
  • Find and reserve available rooms
  • View availability of invitees, rooms, and resources
  • After accepting meeting invitations, see rich text content such as fonts and tables in the calendar entries. (Meeting organizers must use another client such as IBM® Notes® to send invitations with rich text content.)
  • Cannot create or view attachments or embedded images in calendar entries.
  • Attachments in existing calendar entries are replaced with HTTP URLs that require a connection to your mail server to open.
  • Forwarded meetings and invitations do not function the same as when Microsoft Outlook is connected natively to Microsoft Exchange; information will be forwarded as email vs. a calendar entry.
  • Synchronization of meeting drafts is not supported.
  • Calendar entries cannot be encrypted or decrypted from Outlook.
Table 4. Contacts features
Capabilities Limitations in current release
  • Create, update, and delete contacts
  • Contact attachments are not supported.
  • Group contacts do not sync.