Deploying the IBM® mail add-in client

After you configure the IBM® Traveler server, you can deploy the IBM® mail support for Microsoft Outlook add-in client.

About this task

To obtain the software, download the IMSMO - IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook eAssembly from the Passport Advantage® site. The component for the client is IMSMO Client: IBM mail Add-in. Run IMSMO_client.exe to install the add-in. The user documentation describes how each user can install the add-in manually. To automate the installation for your users, use IT tools that are available to you.

After the add-in is installed, you can use any of the following deployment options:
  • Write scripts that call the IMSMO application protocol to automate creating Outlook accounts and configuring the add-in. Or, users can create the accounts and configure the add-in themselves by following the instructions in the user documentation.
  • Control how much mail and calendar data is initially synced.
  • Use an Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO) to automate deploying the IBM® Domino® server SSL certificate on clients.
  • Use the Microsoft Office Customization tool, for example, to configure LDAP directory settings.