Exporting approved applications

All approved applications can be exported from the IBM Traveler server to a file using the IBM Traveler systemdump command.

On the Traveler Domino console, issue this command:
tell traveler systemdump
The resulting systemdump file is placed into the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT\traveler\logs\dumps directory. Edit the file and search for approved applications. You will find a section similar to the following:
########## Approved Applications (Fri May 31 08:48:20 EDT 2013) ##########
Description: All Approved Applications that are defined for this system.
             The format is using an XML schema that can be imported using the Notes Traveler Approved Apps administration interface.
             Just copy this section to an editor, save as ApplicationInventory.xml and import using the web administration program on LotusTraveler.nsf.
Approved Applications: 5 applications across 1 organizations.
Organization ID: 0
--------- snip below this line ---------
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <device>Notes Traveler server Spikes/Belt</device>
  <installedApp appId="com.ibm.lotus.connections" osType="apple" versionChecking="false">
    <name>IBM Connections for iOS</name>
  <installedApp appId="com.ibm.lotus.symphonymobile" osType="apple" versionChecking="false">
    <name>Lotus Symphony Viewer for iOS</name>
  <installedApp appId="com.ibm.lotus.connections.mobile" osType="android" versionChecking="false">
    <name>IBM Connections for Android</name>
  <installedApp appId="com.ibm.symphony.mobile" osType="android" versionChecking="true">
    <name>Lotus Symphony Viewer for Android</name>
--------- snip above this line ---------

Copy the text between the snip lines and paste into a file called ApplicationInventory.xml. This file can then be imported into another IBM Traveler server using the Import action on the Approved Applications page of the Administration client.

Note that exporting and importing Approved Application data is only needed to copy data between standalone IBM Traveler servers or between different IBM Traveler High Availability pools. For a single IBM Traveler HA Pool, all servers immediately see any approved application information that is added to any IBM Traveler server in the HA pool.