Deleting a user from IBM Traveler

An administrator can remove old or invalid users from the IBM Traveler administrator UI and database. This should only be done for users where access is already restricted using a IBM Traveler or Domino® server access list, or who are no longer listed in the Domino® directory.

About this task

In Traveler and later, it is no longer mandatory to manually perform tell traveler security delete to remove the device security administration data from Traveler after a device has been deleted or reset. Starting with version, Traveler automatically quarantines deleted devices and moves them into the deleted state. These deleted devices are not seen in the "Devices" view, however they will continue to be seen in the "Devices Security" view for up to 30 days. Administrators can customize the number of days that the deleted devices are stored in the security view by adding this parameter in the notes.ini: NTS_ADMIN_CLEANUP_TIMEOUT (default 30 days)

Traveler users inactive for longer than one month will be removed from the database automatically. To completely remove a user from IBM Traveler:


  1. Run the following command:
    tell traveler security delete * <username>
    Note: If the user has already been deleted from the Domino® Directory, then the full user name must be specified. For example:
    tell traveler delete * CN=John Doe/OU=Raleigh/O=IBM
  2. Run the following command:
    tell traveler delete * <username>

    Any Remote Wipe commands performed on users/devices must be cleared before the entries can be deleted.

    The above two steps should completely remove the user, but you can verify with the following additional step:

  3. Use the IBM Traveler administration application to verify that there are no records for the user. See Using the administration application for more information.

What to do next

For information about deleting a user from the Domino® server, see the topic "Deleting a User" in the Domino® Administrator documentation.