Adaptive Initial Sync

Adaptive Initial Sync (AIS) helps ensure server availability in certain server bring up or recovery situations. 

When users make their first sync request to the IBM Traveler server, AIS detects this and gives them a constrained filter window for mail and calendar documents of only one day of mail and only today and future calendar events. Users in this state will continue to receive new mail and calendar invites and other applications are not affected. Once these mail and calendar items have been retrieved by the user's device, they will then be promoted to their normally configured filter window if and when server load allows for it. This is helpful in situations where the Traveler DB has been corrupted and must be dropped or a lot of users are being on-boarded simultaneously. It will help the server keep users up to date with new mail and calendar events while working to catch them up on their data without overloading the server.

For information on the tell traveler AIS command, see the topic Tell command reference. For information on NTS_AIS_* notes.ini settings, see the topic Notes.ini settings.