Starting and stopping the server

The IBM Traveler server and the HTTP server automatically start if you accept the default settings during installation. Use the commands in this topic to manually start or stop the IBM Traveler server.

To start the IBM Traveler server, enter this command on the Domino® Console:

load traveler

To stop the IBM Traveler server, enter one of these commands on the Domino® Console:

tell traveler shutdown

tell traveler quit

Note: The shutdown command waits for any pending syncs to complete and then quits. The quit command does not wait for any pending syncs to complete and quits in a much shorter amount of time. The default quit time for shutdown is 300 seconds, and 40 seconds for quit. You can override the default shutdown and quit time by setting the notes.ini parameters NTS_MAINTASK_SHUTDOWN_WAIT_TIME and NTS_MAINTASK_QUIT_WAIT_TIME. The values are in seconds.

To restart the IBM Traveler server, enter this command on the Domino® Console:

restart task traveler

Domino® HTTP server

IBM Traveler requires the Domino® HTTP server to be running. When the IBM Traveler server task starts, it will check to see if the Domino® HTTP server task is running and start the task automatically. This is the recommended operation for a server that is dedicated to running just IBM Traveler, since the IBM Traveler server task will delay the start of HTTP until it is ready to receive requests from mobile devices. If the HTTP server starts right away and mobile devices attempt to connect to the server before the rest of the server tasks begin, then you will see warning messages on the Domino® console indicating that the IBM Traveler task is not yet started and the mobile device request will be denied.

If this behavior is not desired, it can be disabled by setting NTS_AUTOSTART_HTTP=false in the notes.ini file.

Note: By default, IBM Traveler validates its configuration settings and automatically adjusts the configuration when it is started. If you do not want IBM Traveler to automatically configure the HTTP server at startup, add the parameter setting NTS_AUTO_CONFIG=false to the notes.ini file.