Clearing a wipe request

If a lost device is found you may need to cancel a wipe request to reset it. You also need to unlock a user account after a wipe command has been issued.


  1. Open the IBM Traveler administration application. Refer to Using the administration application for more information.
  2. Open the Device Security view.
  3. Select the device.
  4. Select the Clear Wipe/Allow Access action.
    Tip: To clear a wipe request from the Domino® Console, obtain the device ID, if necessary, by entering this command: tell traveler show username. Copy the resulting device ID from the results to paste during the next step. Then enter this command: tell traveler security flagsRemove all deviceid username.

What to do next

This procedure, like the remote wipe itself, may also be done through the Manage Security section of the IBM Traveler User Home Page