What's new in HCL Sametime Meetings 11.6

Sametime® Meetings 11.6 provide the following new features.

Meetings provides end-users with a complete chat and meetings solution through an elegant and functional user experience. For more information on Sametime Meetings, see Using HCL Sametime Premium Meetings.

New features for users

Core Features

  • One-click video meetings: No installation, no plug ins; click and you’re in.
  • Persistent chat: Teams can chat and talk without losing the context of the conversation - before, during, and after a meeting.
  • Multi-tenancy support for meetings: Multi-tenancy allows multiple organizations to be part of the HCL Sametime® community. With multi-tenancy, Sametime users can chat, add users and groups to contact lists, create and attend meetings, and have awareness of users in their organization or in other organizations that are configured to be visible to them. For more information on enabling multi-tenancy, see here.
  • Telephony Integration: All new, to integrate telephony dial-in and dial out when the user creates a new meeting, edits an existing meeting, and from the meeting tab in the meeting room. For information on enabling, see here.
  • Meetings Add-in to Microsoft outlook: Sametime Meetings outlook add-in gives the user the ability to add a Sametime meeting room to an Outlook meeting invitation. See Enabling Microsoft Outlook Add-in to enable the feature. For more information, see Using Sametime Meetings with Outlook.
  • Unread message count support on the web PWA badge: The PWA client's "Badge" notifies and tracks unread chat messages received while away from the computer.
  • Pinned Conversations: All new web clients wily with an easily accessible option to pin and unpin 1-1 or group conversations.
  • Broadcasting: Broadcast your meeting to unlimited viewers via YouTube live streaming on public or private channels.
  • Go mobile: All new UI, meetings and chat in one app, dial out telephony support (avail from web client).

Meeting Controls

  • Presenter controls: Robust suite of controls for enhanced meetings experience.
  • Mute all participants at once.
  • Stop all videos at once.
  • Blur backgrounds.

Meeting Room Ownership

  • Persistent meeting room ownership: Your room, at your convenience.
  • Personal rooms: Your own room with a consistent name and URL.
  • Recordings Management: When the user records a meeting, they can access the link from the meeting room in the meeting client, group chat and one-on-one chat in the webchat client, and meeting recording link from the email.
  • Moderator Management: All moderators can start a meeting and control other aspects of the meeting, such as who can present and enable a lecture-style meeting.

Meeting Room Security

  • Password protected meetings.
  • Lock meeting.
  • End-to-end encryption: All new preview feature, that enables to add a further layer of security for your most private internal meetings.

Chat as an App

  • Progressive web app for web chat: New app, extensive language support, conversations follow you with multi-device support.
  • Windows and Mac OS: Supports full iOS emoticons.

Moderated Meetings

  • Designated moderators
  • Designated presenters

Custom Meetings

  • Open
  • Moderated
  • Livestream
  • Lecture style meetings: Allow participants to join a meeting in listen-only mode. The owner and moderators of the meeting can permit any participants to speak and share screen and video.

New features for administrators

Administrators deploy Meetings quickly through a containerized Docker image.

Clustering and High availability