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The outlook add-in gives the user the ability to add a Sametime meeting room to an Outlook meeting invitation.
System requirements
This document provides minimum system requirements for HCL Sametime Meetings Add-in for Microsoft Outlook. Higher maintenance levels, such as fix packs and service packs, may be supported as they become available.
Fixes in 11.6 IF1
This section describes the issues that are fixed in HCL Sametime Meetings Outlook add-in 11.6 IF1.
Installing Sametime Meetings Add-in
To use HCL Sametime MeetingsĀ®, first install the custom add-in to microsoft outlook from a URL or a file.
Uninstalling Sametime Meetings Add-in
The uninstall the Sametime meetings add-in, users must remove the custom add-in the users added to Microsoft outlook.
The outlook add-in gives the user the ability to choose an existing room, create and edit a meeting room, or add an instant room to a Sametime meeting.
Welcome/Login screen
Add people to your contact list, give them nicknames, and organize them into groups.
Choosing an existing room
The choosing an existing room option allows users to select one of the existing meeting rooms in the task pane.
Creating a new room
The creating a new room option allows users to create a new meeting room in the task pane.
Editing a room
The editing a meeting room option allows users to edit all available options in the meeting room.
Instant room
The instant room option instantly adds room details to the Outlook meeting.
Displaying the Support screen
The support screen provides a URL link to where the user can get support for add-in usage and logging functionality.
Displaying the About screen
An about screen or dialog is available within the add-in task pane and, the user can access it after starting any action that opens a task pane or dialog. The user can access the about screen whether the user is signed in or not. It contains the add-in version information and copyright notices.
A settings screen will provide a central place for the user to modify settings related to the add-in.