Creating a new room

The creating a new room option allows users to create a new meeting room in the task pane.

About this task

When the user creates a new room, the user can set:
  • Name
  • Password
  • Moderated
  • Room Moderators
  • Allow guests
  • Enable dial-in

To create a new room:


  1. Click the Select Room option.
  2. Click the New Room button.
  3. Enter a name in the name field.
  4. Click Password protected if you want the meeting to be protected by a password.
  5. Click Moderated if you want the meet to be moderator-led.
    Note: You can select Moderators from the attendees listed in the Outlook meeting.
  6. Click guest access to allow guest users to access the meeting link.
  7. Click Add to meeting.
  8. The task pane closes, and the room information updates to the Outlook meeting.