Enabling Microsoft Outlook Add-in

This section provide steps to enable the Microsoft Outlook Add-in on the HCL Sametime Meetings server.

About this task

Sametime Meetings 11.6 IF1

The Outlook Add-in is provided with Sametime Meetings 11.6 IF1 installs and upgrades. Follow these steps to enable the Outlook Add-in on Sametime Meetings 11.6 IF1 environments.


  1. Edit the .env file.
  2. Change the ENABLE_OUTLOOK_ADDIN parameter from "false" to "true".
  3. Find the parameter COMPOSE_PROFILES=outlookAddin and uncomment out by removing the #.
  4. Save and restart to enable.


  1. Edit the values.yaml file.
  2. Change the enableOutlookAddin parameter from "false" to "true".
  3. Save and restart to enable.
Sametime Meetings 11.6
For Sametime Meetings 11.6 environments, the Outlook Add-in needs to be downloaded separately from HCL Software Portal and installed.
  1. Download the sametime_meetings_outlook.zip from HCL Software Portal and unzip the contents to the same location as the sametime-meeting server was unzipped to. There will be 2 new files and 1 overwrite (findDeployment).
  2. Run the command:
    This command will identify the Sametime Meetings deployment and provide steps to install the Add-in. Once completed, restart the server with docker-compose on Docker or upgrade the helm on Kubernetes.

Microsoft Outlook clients can install the add-in following the Installing Sametime Meetings Add-in instructions.

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