Enabling Meeting dial-in

You can enable users to participate in a Sametime meeting using their phone by enable the dial-in feature. The dial-in feature uses the ilink TeamCall Meeting Gateway (TMG).

About this task

The TeamCall Meeting Gateway for HCL Sametime Premium provides audio waiting rooms for moderated meetings. To enable your Sametime Meetings environment for dial in, you must contact ilink sales representative at sales@ilink.de. The ilink Professional Service Team performs a remote installation. After the TMG is installed, it runs in the background and no administrator support is required.

To use the dial-in feature, when the Sametime meeting coordinator creates the meeting room they enable the telephony flag. The meeting is created with a list of dial-in phone numbers for various geographic locations and the conference number.

Sametime Meeting customers use the feature by calling one of the provided dial-in phone numbers. They are then prompted through the TMG to enter the conference number. After entering the conference number, the phone user is routed to the meeting.

If the user experiences dial-in or telephony problems, they must contact ilink support at sales@ilink.de to open a ticket for assistance.