Implementing Secure User Rooms

This is an optional feature. By default when you configure Sametime 11.6 Meetings, users are given a moderated meeting room that contains a portion of their user name (or guid). To implement a random meeting room name that does not contain their user name, enable the secure user room feature.

About this task

  1. Remote into the Sametime Proxy server.
  2. Place the sametimeproxy\conf\stproxyconfig.xml file in edit mode.
  3. In the <meeting> section add a new line <secureUserRoomName>true</secureUserRoomName>
    • Make sure the line is before the ending </meeting> tag.
    • The new line should be indented the same as the others in the <meeting> section.
  4. Save and close the stproxyconfig.xml file.
  5. Restart Sametime Proxy and Meeting Servers.
    Note: This feature takes effect on rooms provisioned after the setting has been enabled. It does not affect existing rooms.