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These are the new features and enhancements in recent releases of HCL Sametime® for Android.
Release 11.0.1
Release 11.0.1 includes the following new features.
Release 11.0.0
HCL branded Sametime with secure, persistent chat.
HCL Sametime® enables you to use Sametime awareness and chat features on Mobile devices. This documentation describes how to install and use Sametime on an Android mobile device.
System requirements
Supports Smartphone and tablets running Android OS 6.0 and greater.
Installing Sametime on your device
To use HCL Sametime®, you must first install the application on your device from the Google Play store.
Setting up a Community
You can configure and subsequently change the Sametime community connection information, but typically you will use the connection information that was specified by your administrator. When the app is first started and no communities are configured, you will be presented with a welcome screen prompting you to setup a community.
You can change your availability status, work with contacts, manage settings and chat with other Sametime® users. With Sametime11 you can also have multiple devices logged in simultaneously and have persistent chat history across your devices.
Logging in
You must start HCL Sametime® before logging in.
Using the Main Menu
Tapping the menu icon in the upper left or sliding from the left of the screen displays the navigation drawer of the Sametime® application.
Working with Active Chats
The Chats screen is the default view when you log in.  It displays all conversations that you currently have open.
Changing your Online Status
Your online status includes your availability status and message. Both are displayed at the top of the application menu. Tap your current status to make changes. Other Sametime users who are logged in can see your online status.
Managing your contacts
Tap the menu icon and then the Contacts item to display the Contacts screen.
Contact Info Screen
When in a chat view with another Sametime® user tap the user avatar in the header or select Contact Info from the overflow menu to display the Contact Info screen where the contact Name, nickname, photo or default avatar, title and awareness status displays. Tapping the chat icon starts a chat with the contact.
You can access the Sametime settings from the navigation drawer to control the behavior of the HCL Sametime® app.
These settings are for general control of the Sametime app including:
The Contact settings allow for control in the contacts view.
This setting controls the Sametime notifications. If you are on an Android 8 or newer device this opens the system notification panel for the app. If on an Android 6 or 7 device, it opens the application notification panel.
External Meeting
This setting allows you to set an external meeting URL as well as show the ones already set with your account.
This option is disabled by default. By enabling it, logs are saved from the application to track potential issues.
Help and Support
Tap the menu icon to display the Help and Support screen.
About Screen
Tap the About HCL Sametime® in the navigation drawer to display the About screen.