Release 11.6.2

Release 11.6.2 includes the following new features.

  • New Scheduled Meetings View

    Now you can join Sametime meetings from your calendar without ever leaving the sametime app. Tap the Meetings menu and you will see a new Scheduled list showing calendar events from your Verse and or Google calendar. Simply tap the event in the list to join the associated Sametime meeting, dial a conference number or open a details view for the calendar event.

  • Pinned Meetings

    The Saved meetings list has been renamed to Pinned and now it is much easier to add and remove meetings from the list. You can still add them manually as before, but you can also use swipe menus on the My Meetings and Recent lists to Pin and Unpin individual meetings. When the user wishes to send a link to a meeting in a chat, they simply tap the meeting icon in the chat window to select the meeting from the list of pinned meetings.