Release 11.6.6

Release 11.6.6 includes the following new features.

Updated driving-mode window
In release 11.6.5, an option was introduced that was used to switch to a driving mode client. The feature detected that the meeting audio is directed over Bluetooth. In driving mode, a window displays basic features such as mute and unmute, the name the person who is talking, and their avatar, if available. Additional features were added in release 11.6.6
  • You can see the number of meeting participants.
  • A button for switching to dial-in is displayed, if the meeting has dial-in capability.
Alerts for Scheduled meetings
When you open the Meeting menu, if there are any scheduled Sametime meetings either in progress or about to start, a prompt is displayed to start or join the meeting. Clicking the button in the alert performs the same action as clicking a meeting in the list.
Updated sound select icon in meeting
While in a meeting after tapping the screen a toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen with common functions such as mute/unmute, enable video, or hangup. An icon has been added to denote your currently selected sound device. Clicking the sound icon displays other sound device options and allows you to change the setting. If you change the setting, the sound icon is updated with your selection. It always displays the current sound device. Potential options for sound devices are:
  • Earpiece
  • Speaker
  • Bluetooth
  • Headphones
Biometric support for login by fingerprint
Many Android devices support fingerprint scanning for authentication. This release supports the ability to use your fingerprint scanner to login to Sametime. To use this feature:
  • The save password policy must be enabled by the server.
  • The save password option in the community settings must be set with a saved password that is valid.
  • The Connect at Launch app setting must be off for the biometric login prompt to display. When prompt is displayed, scan your fingerprint to login to Sametime.