Release 11.6.5

Release 11.6.5 includes the following new features.

Recent-meetings list improvements
With this release, you can view an extended day-by-day meeting history for meetings that you joined. Before, the view was limited to your 15 most recent.
Save meeting passwords
You can securely save meeting passwords so that you can join meetings more quickly. An administrator can disable this feature with the user policy.
Android Auto supported
If your vehicle supports Android Auto, HCL Sametime is now available as one of the supported apps through your vehicle interface.  Because of limitations with Android Auto, you can only join Sametime Meetings using dial in.  Incoming chat messages can be read by Android Auto.
New switch to dial-in menu
When you're in a meeting, you can use the Meeting Overflow menu to switch to dial in to the meeting, if the meeting supports it. This capability is useful when network coverage is too weak to support the meeting audio over a data connection. By dialing in, you will leave the meeting and attend the telephone over your network.
New driving mode
A new driving mode option is designed for mobile users whose automobiles don't support CarPlay. While you're in a meeting, the product detects the switch to Bluetooth audio, and then a prompt is sent to the user to switch to driving mode. The driving mode resembles the CarPlay window with oversized buttons for easy muting, leaving, and switching to dial-in. The current speaker's name is also a displayed . Users can also switch to driving mode at any time by using the Meeting Overflow menu.