Working with Active Chats

The Chats screen is the default view when you log in.  It displays all conversations that you currently have open.

 For each chat in the list the following details are displayed:
  • The name of the chat partner or the topic for a group chat
  • The photo or default avatar of the chat partner
  • The last message received or sent on the conversation
  • The time of the last message on the conversation
  • A badge indicating the number of unread messages for the conversation if applicable.

Chats with the most recent activity are displayed at the top of the list. New incoming messages display at the top of the list with a badge indicating there are unread messages in the chat.

Starting with 11.6.0, you can also use a swipe menu to pin or unpin individual active chats. Pinning a chat option will keep it at the top of the list even if there are other chats with newer messages. It is an easy way to keep your most important contacts always in view.

You can start a new chat by tapping the search icon and searching for a user you wish to chat with. Swipe left on any conversation to close it or leave in in the case of a group chat.  Tap any conversation to open the conversation. 

When you open a chat, the chat history displays in the main view. At the top of the screen is the name and avatar of the chat partner along with their availability status. Tapping the avatar or selecting Contact Info from the overflow menu displays the Contact Info screen for that chat participant. If in a group chat, tapping the avatar or selecting Group Details from the overflow menu displays the group participant. New incoming messages from the chat partner are displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can send new messages and add emoticons from the provided palate or the device emoticon palate.

Note: Using emoticons from the device palate may result in some emoticons not displaying correctly on other clients. Emoticons in the provided palate are guaranteed to display on other Sametime clients.

You can add photos to the chat by tapping the paper clip icon in the entry field and choosing a photo from the photo library or take a new picture with the camera.