Monitoring Sametime Community Services logins

A user can be logged in to the IBM® Sametime® Community Services from more than one client.

To access the Logins chart, open the Sametime Administration Tool and click Monitoring > Logins. The Logins chart displays the following information:

  • Community Server Total Logins - The total number of logins to Community Services, including multiple logins from the same user. For example, if a user is logged in from both the Sametime Connect Client and the Participant List component of the Meeting Room, this chart records two logins for that user.

    Internal components of the Community Services also log in to the Community Services. These are intra-server Connections between Community Services components that occur as part of the normal operations of the Community Services. These logins are also counted in the total logins chart.

  • Community Server Total Unique Logins - If a user is simultaneously logged in from multiple Community Services clients, this chart records only one login for that user. A user logged in from multiple clients is considered a single "unique" login. Use this chart to determine the current number of Community Services users

The Logins chart updates at the time interval specified in the Polling Interval (seconds). Enter a new interval to change the rate at which the chart updates. To update the chart immediately, click Refresh.