Topology Discovery overview

Topology discovery is the process of observing and modeling the components of a system under test.

You can view the resources that the system invokes and choose the ones to include in the system model within your project. You can then use this model to make detailed recordings of interactions and create tests and virtual services from those recordings.

HCL OneTest API uses two kinds of observation points as the basis for discovery:
  • An intercept, which can be either of the following software components:
    • A proxy, such as the HTTP proxy
    • An agent, such as the CICS® TG agent
    These intercepts register with HCL® Quality Server, which uses them to intercept messages for recording or for routing to stubs.
  • A user-configurable observation point, from which to observe the queues within a WebSphere® MQ queue manager.

You can set preferences for topology discovery by clicking Project > Preferences > Topology Discovery.

Topology discovery is independent of the Recording Studio; you do not need to be recording messages for topology discovery to work.

The following topics discuss the process of using topology discovery.